Panachie Chow

Biography Inspecta Chow: Bayfall Panachie Name Momadu Chow. Born 3rd January 1969 in RVH Banjul,The Gambia.One of the Most Known famous gambian Artist. In 1999  released his first single “Ndaga Nehulenam”, Big and Bratt, Audio and Video 1999-2000 Smiling coast Album decent work from the Artist laying tracks like Africa [zumbay], Western Powers, Why, Babylon, Mam Bamba 2000. In 2003 -One of the very first Young generation Artist to perform live on stage. Tour through out The  Gambia. Brikama, Farafeni, Bansang and Basse. since 2005 we haven’t heard anything from him,he was seeking knowledge and wisdom as a “Bayfall” disciple.
“From now on we will be coming ,Keep coming and coming for your satisfactions” stated Panachow. 2016 we are bring back to life our career with promo single title “LEELAN LA” specially dedicated to the late (IDA NGUM.)
A single track to satisfied my beloving People! Thanks to you who so ever rated me or love me! respect!!!.On 3 May 2016 20:44, “modou chow” <baychow@outlook.de> wrote: Title Track- LEELAN-LA Recorded-Dakar Baobab Studio Ndiouga Dieng. Lead Vocals-Inspecta chow Panachie, Backing Vocals- the Late Mawdo Sey & Amet Maal.
Arrangments and Programmings-Andy Safty
Sound Engineering-Amadou
Guitar Riddim,Solo-Bassi Jamaica sav-La-mar. Produced by M B Chow
Executive Producer-M B Chow
Origin of this track is from Baobab Orchestra sang by Ndiouga Dieng,known as Adina.
Bayfall Panachie has taken it to upper heights of choosing and blending beats. Lyrically adopting the manners of the original contest, the Sound was all about Live today and gone tomorrow.
so the Artist is well versatile and agile with the whole compilation and Arrangements of his single release.

imageBadou Nyang aka BQ Ifada, born in 1984 in the Gambia, attended a French school in Banjul, the Gambia. Moved to Sokone, Senegal, where he continues his education. BQ also attended Dutch Pop Academy (University SKVR Music School), music school in Rotterdam (Holland) in 2007.

BQ Ifada started his singing carrier at an early age of 14 years old. BQ had also recorded and perform with different rap groups and artists from the Gambia, Senegal, Spain, Jamaica, USA, Holland, Belgium, Brazil to name a few countries.

His singing style and power of lyrics represents a unique talent. He uses a heavy rap flow mixed with dance hall and reggae with his sweet voice full of emotion. BQ has emerged from a high quality work combining music research and street experiences. He also gets a strong spiritual, mystical and emotional site.

BQ released his first mixtape titled “DA RISING TIME” in mid 2008 which he was selling at gigs and on the streets

BQ Ifada’s talent hasn’t gone unrecognised at the Dutch Pop Academy (University SKVR Music School)